Original Songs Composed and Performed by Rick Lee
Rick Lee Performing

  1. A Life of My Own (by Rick Lee)
    A Life of My Own
  2. Rainbows (by Rick Lee)
  3. Just Like A Song (by Rick Lee)
    Just Like A Song
  4. Christmas Road (by Rick Lee)
    Christmas Road
  5. My Baby Loves Football (by Rick Lee)
    My Baby Loves Footbal

Covers Performed by Rick Lee

  1. If You Go Away (by Mckuen/Brel )
    If You Go Away
  2. Everytime I Roll The Dice (by Barnes/Seals)
    Everytime I Roll the Dice
  3. It’s Not Supposed To Be That Way (by Willie Nelson)
    It’s Not Supposed to Be That Way
  4. The Rock (by Varsos/Smith)
    The Rock
  5. Young At Heart (by Richards/Leigh)
    Young at Heart