I am a Singer / Songwriter / Musician / Entertainer with emphasis on Recording and also “Live” Performances. Audio CD’s are available as well as DVD. Thank everyone for viewing and listening and allowing me to share this passion for music and performing. I currently record and write from my home studio in North Carolina – USA and upload music videos of  original songs and various cover songs. I lived in and appeared in the Nashville,TN – USA area with friends as “Rick Lee And Due West” for 16 years. Also touring other parts of the USA and Canada with other musicians prior to that time. My stage musical experience includes “South Pacific” and also “An Evening At The Stork Club” (performances in 1987 and 1988). Thank you so much for listening and viewing.

Rick Lee

Rick 1991-fixedRick Lee 1984

Butch Hawkins (drums/vocals), Ramblin' Rick Greiner (lead guitar/vocals), Greg Johnson (bass guitar/vocals)